anxious adj. 1 mentally troubled. 2 causing or marked by anxiety (anxious moment). 3 eagerly or uneasily wanting or trying (anxious for you to succeed; anxious to please).


Totally describes the way I have been feeling the past couple of days, trying to navigate the interact site, collate readings, sort through the massive amount of info and basically juggle this thing called ‘study’ with everyday hectic life.

Today’s ‘to do’ list number one is now accomplished – setting up this blog, now onto number 2 – back tracking to the readings I haven’t yet gotten to! Better late then never, I’ve entered the catch up road!


One thought on “ANXIOUS

  1. Well your blog is far better than mine. PE to TL?! I am BEd PDHPE trained also and have just started MEd TL.

    Readings, have read most of recommended, getting the feeling there is an increadible amount of information out there in regard to TL role. It seems to mostly
    ‘sing the same song’ but from different view points and emphasis.

    Also, critical reading, how do you approach it?

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