Web 2.0 Tool – Animoto

Animoto. (2014). Animoto. Retrieved August 15, 2014 from http://animoto.com/


Legal Obligations
• Animoto respects the legal obligations of intellectual property rights.
• Copyright laws must be adhered to when creating Animoto videos i.e. users must use their own images and music or have granted permission to utilise items.
• You retain all rights to your content. Animoto assumes no ownership in your material.
• You must be 13 or older to use Animoto.
• Animoto take not responsibility for any claims, liabilities, damages or loss from breaches of obligations.

Facilities for Privacy/Safety
• Animoto privacy policy states that it will not disclose any personal information provided to third parties without permission and will keep such information secure.
• All videos are completely private. The only way someone can watch a video is if they are directed to that video’s specific URL or if it is posted to another website.
• There is no ability to contact students via Animoto.

Ease of Use and access
• Accessing and setting up an Animoto account is easy.
• Teachers have the ability to set up student accounts.
• Directions and tips are provided throughout the process of creating a video. Simply add photos, video clips and music and Animoto will create a video in minutes.
• How to use Animoto – youtube.

• Personal Pricing plans
• Teacher’s can apply for an education account which is free however education accounts expire every 6 months.
• Free for 30sec video creation.

Implementation proposal

Curriculum Area – PDHPE Stage 4 – Individual and Community Health

Outcome – 4.7 A student identifies the consequences of risk behaviours and describes strategies to minimise harm.
Students learn to: describe strategies to minimise harm in each of the following real life situations when: travelling alone at night, at a party, feeling depressed, experiencing unwanted sexual contact, being offered or using drugs, in water environments, exposed to the sun, as a pedestrian, passenger and user of wheeled devices,
Students learn about: strategies to minimise harm

In pairs students are asked to develop and create an advertising campaign using Animoto. The campaign needs to address strategies that could be utilised to minimise harm in the contexts listed above. Students are required to use either images from Animoto or produce them themselves. It is encouraged that students use text and overlay an appropriate soundtrack.

Advantages of using Animoto for this lesson:
• The short 30sec timeframe means that students must analyse and be critical of the images that they include to ensure that their main focus is developed and portrayed.
• Animoto caters for differing student learning styles and allows students to express themselves graphically.
• Extends students storyboarding and video skills.
• Animoto provides low literacy level students an opportunity to display their knowledge and understanding.
• Students are able to produce something for a wider audience.
• Research skills, collaboration and creativity are fostered.
• Students have the ability to choose a topic that they are interested in, meeting individual needs.
• Finished videos can be shared via email, blogs, exporting to YouTube or by downloading to a computer.

Issues that may arise:
• If not using the images provided by Animoto the time it takes to produce images may be considerable.
• Creation of an Animoto video by the teacher and allowing students to view and learn from ‘best practice’ before they create their own presentation would be beneficial, however, time consuming.
• A scaffold would need to be developed outlining the process of producing the video.
• Students would first need to be taught copyright regulations and provided with information regarding where to access free from copyright images.


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