ETL 505 – Describing and Analysing Educational Resources – A Critical Reflection

The increasing abundance of information available to society today has increased the importance and need to organise information for the purpose of access and retrieval. ETL 505 provided me with a sound understanding of what information organisation is and entails. So what is information organisation? Hider (2012, p. 11) refers information organisation as “various ways […]

Web 2.0 Tool – Animoto

Animoto. (2014). Animoto. Retrieved August 15, 2014 from Legal Obligations • Animoto respects the legal obligations of intellectual property rights. • Copyright laws must be adhered to when creating Animoto videos i.e. users must use their own images and music or have granted permission to utilise items. • You retain all rights to your […]

Why embed Web 2.0 Tools into the curriculum?

The following is a summary of the rationale as to why teachers should incorporate Web 2.0 tools into their curriculum programs. ICT and the National Curriculum – A key dimension of the Australian Curriculum are the 7 general capabilities, one of which is ICT. The Melbourne Declaration on the Educational Goals for Young Australians (MCEETYA […]

The Power of Words.

The most profound effect of the Masters of Education (Teacher Librarianship) course to date for me is related to Beverley Moriarty, the subject lecturer for EER500 Introduction to Educational Research. What a lovely lady. The power of her words alone during podcasts, email and telephone correspondence and it’s ability to motivate me was absolutely amazing, […]

EER500 – Introduction to Educational Research Learning and Reflection

EER500 – Introduction to educational research, took a totally different approach to other subjects that I have completed in my Teacher Librarianship studies. The development of my skills and understanding of the core course concepts revolved around the completion of the two assignments. There were no modules to work through like previous subjects, only readings […]

Critical Reflection: My Changing View of the Role of the Teacher Librarian

Name: Simone Jane Carlyon Student Number: 60938153 Subject Code: ETL401 Subject Name: Teacher Librarianship Assessment Number: 5 Assessment Title:  Assignment 2: Part B: Critical Reflection My view of the role of the teacher librarian has made a remarkable change since commencing ETL401 Teacher Librarianship. Prior to the course my view of the role of the […]