Critical Reflection: My Changing View of the Role of the Teacher Librarian

Name: Simone Jane Carlyon Student Number: 60938153 Subject Code: ETL401 Subject Name: Teacher Librarianship Assessment Number: 5 Assessment Title:  Assignment 2: Part B: Critical Reflection My view of the role of the teacher librarian has made a remarkable change since commencing ETL401 Teacher Librarianship. Prior to the course my view of the role of the […]

Evidence Based Practice and the Teacher Librarian

The ASLA (2004) Standards of professional excellence for teacher librarians states, “Excellent teacher librarians: use evidence to inform programs and services” under the ‘evaluation’ standard.  Evidence based practice provides a framework for teacher librarians to collect and analyse evidence related to library programs and the impact these programs have on student achievement. Evidenced-based practice is […]

ETL401 Blog Assignment No. 1 – The Teacher Librarian and Principal Support.

The success of the teacher librarian’s role within a school and the library program for which they develop and deliver relies heavily on the support of the Principal. Teacher librarians need to garner this support through communicating their role and how this role directly results in increased student achievement. Teacher librarians also need to be […]


anxious adj. 1 mentally troubled. 2 causing or marked by anxiety (anxious moment). 3 eagerly or uneasily wanting or trying (anxious for you to succeed; anxious to please).   Totally describes the way I have been feeling the past couple of days, trying to navigate the interact site, collate readings, sort through the massive amount of […]